Eroiy is a blockchain based cryptocurrency concept, specifically designed as an anonymous payment method to protect the privacy of the buyers from the online entertainment industry.

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What is Eroiy?

Eroiy is a blockchain currency that underlies a decentralized system. In this way, all parties use a completely transparent and fair payment method, which enables business activities and transactions to be processed within seconds. Value depreciation, as in the case of a more classical currency, is precluded because the available trading tokens are fixed and cannot be increased. Therefore, the result can only be an increase in value.

  • As a cryptocurrency – save, neutral and anonymous
  • The most interesting technology trend in decades
  • A network you can participate in and also benefit from its advantages
  • Lucrative opportunity to experience the growth potential of the industry
  • Exklusive possibility to decisively influence the online entertainment industry and other industries as a market and to transport them into new spheres


Eroiy is based on NEM Blockchain technologyA total of 2 billion Eroiy will be created and issued on the NEM (New Economy Movement) blockchain protocol using a smart contract. The Eroiy will be freely transferable. With its advanced functions and active ecosystem, NEM fits the Eroiy perfectly. The coins contain high confirmation speeds and are 99.99% immune to fraudulent activities.

Token name Eroiy Token
Ticker Symbol Eroiy
Currency Symbol Image
Starting Price Pre-ICO 1 Eroiy for USD 0.08
Starting Price ICO 1 Eroiy for USD 0.12
Maximum Eroiy produced 2 billion (technical limit)
Maximum Eroiy for Sale 1.2 billion (60% of total coins)
Fundraising Goal USD 48 million
Minimum Purchase 100 Eroiy
Methods of Eroiy purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, XEM and FIAT payments
Mincap USD 1 (one) million, all funds will be returned if not met






Eroiy in the Media

The online entertainment market

The Eroiy is particularly designed as an incognito payment means in the online entertainment industry. This is a revolutionary development and is the key to an approximately “USD 100 billion market worldwide” (NBC News, 2017).

Total online spending is estimated to be around $2 trillion, the online entertainment industry is worth about $5 billion.

Industry problems that we solve

  • Safe: End customers do not need to worry anymore. Misuse of sensitive data is excluded, thanks to the blockchain technology.
  • Anonymous: Doubts or uncertainties are a thing of the past. With Eroiy, highest discretion comes first.
  • Fast: Long and expensive payment transactions have become obsolete. Based on the NEM technology, payment with Eroiy is done within seconds.
  • Neutral: Payment methods are frequently linked to certain conditions. As a neutral payment partner, Eroiy stands for diversity and is therefore independent.
  • Efficient: Chargebacks are a widespread problem associated with both costs and time, not just in the online entertainment industry. Eroiy eliminates chargeback risk.
  • Networked: Group regulations often restrict the scope of action of a company. Instead, Eroiy uses the diversity of the own network to unleash its potential.
  • Flexible: Many collaborations are complicated due to dissimilar terms. Eroiy offers suitable integration conditions to all those interested.
  • Noteworthy: The online entertainment market is often viewed critically in society. Eroiy's cross-media marketing concepts are intended to give the industry more seriousness as well as focus on financing options.

Why a growing demand for Eroiy?

To date, there is no possibility to pay for online entertainment content with cryptocurrencies. The Eroiy will be the first payment method which will allow consumers to pay for their online entertainment purchases anonymously. While other cryptocurrencies could be used to achieve the same, none of them have expressed any interest in getting involved in the online entertainment industry so far, or have been successful in creating significant demand. As for merchants, several major players in the industry have already shown strong interest in accepting the Eroiy as payment means.